1. This EP Has 22 Minutes
    Tall Pork

  2. Tracknaphobia Vol. 3

  3. Denaturing

  4. Self Titled
    Jerkoff Diary

  5. Billionaire Dinosaurs Turned Me Gay
    Earl Wyvern

  6. Hormones

  7. The Breakdown Of Progress / Dysphoria City Limits
    Matty Grace

  8. Sean-William Dawson: Simple Abundance Art Exhibition Soundtrack
    Various Artists

  9. Sleeping Off Me
    Audio Visceral

  10. Crone
    Cursed Arrows

  11. Tracknaphobia Vol. 2

  12. Was Tust Du
    Dead Cosmetics

  13. Separation Anxiety
    Wasted Potential

  14. (((((Heavy On The Cosmic)))))

  15. I Was A Fat Stupid
    Matty Grace

  16. Year Long Winter
    Future Girls

  17. Powerviolence Is For Lovers

  18. Spill Everything

  19. Split 2022

  20. Fuck You So Much
    Boring Girls

  21. The Old And The Cold
    Scott Murray

  22. Get Stitched
    Fang Binite

  23. Sad Songs About Sentient Sextoys And Other Terrible Tales
    The Black Void

  24. Bad Dreams
    Viola Swamp

  25. For A Good Time, Call...
    Bad Buzz

  26. Tarantula Tapes Presents: Tracknaphobia Volume 1
    Various Artists

  27. The Follow Ups / Dave Rocket And The Jobbers Split
    Various Artists

  28. Mentis Imperium
    Die Sci Fi

  29. Type Zero Civilization
    Chimp Change

  30. Distress Signals
    Fox Run

  31. Big Sun

  32. Call Me When Old And Fat Is The New Young And Sexy
    B.A. Johnston

  33. Destiny Or Whatever
    Like A Girl

  34. Thirteen Years Gone By...Revisiting History
    Lee Resistant And The Lost

  35. Heavy Petter / Lightmares Split
    Various Artists

  36. Sit And Drink
    Core Bee

  37. Conspiracy
    Zero Zero UFO

  38. Witch Island
    Witch Island

  39. Hysterics - Sleep

  40. Cursed Arrows - Mage
    Cursed Arrows

  41. The Holdouts - For Reasons Unknown
    The Holdouts

  42. Modern Day Peasants
    Artificial Dissemination

  43. Gnu Two Ewe
    Audio Visceral

  44. Burn
    Angry Spells

  45. Back From The Bed

  46. Night Binge
    Scott Murray

  47. Consumption
    The Speed Humps


Tarantula Tapes Barrie, Ontario

Tarantula Tapes is a Canadian based, independent record label, geared towards punk and the underground.

All our manufacturing is done locally and packaged by hand.

Follow us for event listings, artist updates, and upcoming releases.

Submissions to: tarantulacassettes@gmail.com
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